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Our LayBy Payment Plan allows you to buy the products you love from our store. You don’t have to compromise which product you buy based on what your budget is. With monthly payments, you can get the the items you want with the greatest of ease.

What is the LayBy Plan?

D.L laser designs LayBy Payment Plan is an easy & simple solution for you to be able to purchase products from us without having to outlay the full amount straight up. This makes it a great option especially in the months leading up to Christmas.

Our LayBy payment plans give you flexibility to adjust the time frame, deposit & payment schedule.

All layby orders & Payments are processed through so you will always know how much you have paid & when your payments are due through your account that is created upon checkout using our  Layby option.

All payments are deducted automatically & securely from your nominated account. It will be your responsibility to make sure that funds are available at the time payments are due to come out of your nominated account.


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laybyPayment Plan

The layby plan allows you to set money aside each month towards your purchase. It is an alternative to credit and paying at once.

You choose anywhere between 1 months and 3 months to pay it off fully. This flexibility makes it easier for your budget. Payments are deducted automatically from your nominated account, so it is your responsibility to make sure funds are available when payments are due.

You receive your order when (1) your order has been fully processed and made (2) your last payment is received, then your order will be sent out or available for pick up 48hrs after.

Once you’ve made the first payment, we’ll begin processing of your custom order. Due to the custom nature of our products, these fees are not refundable.

  • First Payment

Your first payment is 10% of total cart price including any shipping costs.

  • LayBy Fee

The fee associated with the layby plan is $2.00.

  • Custom Designed & Made

Once your deposit has been made your order will go in to processing.

  • Not Refundable

Once your order goes into processing, there are no refunds for layby plans.



There are no credit checks, no applications, no credit decisions. It’s one of the easiest methods to acquire products you desire.


As soon as you choose at checkout and provide the first payment, you’ve successfully used the layby feature.


You are automatically approved for your layby plan. In seconds, you are good to go! Approval for the layby plan occurs in a blink of an eye.


1 at Checkout

At checkout, choose, as your method of payment. This activates the layby plan for your order, giving you payment flexibility.


View LayBy Plan

Next, you will see the LayBy plan details. You can choose anywhere between 1 months and 3 months to pay off the balance. The fee for this service is $2.00.


Provide First Payment

Once you’ve seen the layby details, simply provide your first payment. In the months that follow, continue to provide payment to pay for your order until paid off.

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